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Who has the Best Edibles in Michigan Poll 2020?

We hosted the Best Edibles in Michigan poll for the 2nd time in December 2020. We polled our friends to see who made 2020 better with the best edibles in Michigan but we ended up catching some bot votes! Although this was the second year of our poll, we completely moved our whole website to a different platform and used a different polling system this time. Unfortunately, this free polling system ended up being compromised. We take full responsibility for this as we didn’t test the polling system well enough. We ended up posting 2 groups of winners for this year but no places because of this faulty polling system. Like I said before we are really sorry! We just wanted a fun activity for our favorite Michigan cannabis edible companies.

Nominations Best Edible in Michigan Poll

Nominations began 1 week before the voting which started on Nov 30th at 6:00 EST. The top brands from last year were added automatically to the list! Check the Best Edibles in Michigan 2019.

Reviews Added After Poll

Make sure to click on your favorite edible brand and leave a review!

All Best Edible in Michigan 2020 Nominations in Alphabetical Order

Afternoon Delite
Arborside Delights
Baked Angry Baker
Baked Brat Edibles
Behrs Meds
Black Gurl Bake
Black Sheep Edibles
Canna Connoli
Canna Mels Edibles
Captain Kirk Edibles
Cashmere Ganja
CC’s Candies 
Chill Medicated
Covert Queen 
Crown Caps
Dab Of Shelby
Detroit Fudge Company
Detroit Growers Extracts
Dicks Medibles
Dipped in Delight Desserts
Dixie Brands
FatKidDabs / Alternatively Well LLC
Funky Extracts
Ganja Gems
Ganja Goods 
Gizzy’s Goodies 17Farms
Great Lakes Hemp Supplements
Herb & Legend
Higher Innovations
HighTech Edibles
Home Grown Angel
Hot Mommas Medibles
Intricate Immersions
Joe Caregiver
Kozmic Gardens
Krispy Treats Kitchen
Kush Mafia Stoney Bears
Kushy Punch
Kween Keeks
Lil Debi
Litkatz Factory
Mama Danks Medables
Me My Wife and Trees
Michigan Edibles420
Michigan Gold CBD
Michigan Muffin Man
Midnight Roots Bars
Mitten Moms
MKX Oil Company
Monster Medibles
Motor City Cannabites
Mr Nice Guy
Mrs Berry Kush
Mrs Cheeks Treats
Munchery 4.20
Native Made 313
Nicely Toasted
Northern Connections
Once Bitten Twice Baked
Organic Mechanic & Pokes at Bear
Puff n Stuff Bakery
Rokbud Industries
Rollin’ Stoned BAKED Goods
Spaced Out Edibles
Spurtz Candy 
Stone Cold Bakery
Sweetstone Candy
The Ancient Extracts Company
Totally Twisted Treatz
Uncle Canabis
Waterboy Extractions
Wellijuana Meds
Zilla’s Edibles


Everyone was able to vote for their favorite companies. At first, I wanted everyone to pick their top 2 favorite brands but then the poll was set up for even TWO minutes you could vote, so I let it be that way for a couple of days then upped the voting to every two hours. The thinking behind the frequent vote was if someone really loved those edibles they could show that love by voting a lot!


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Who would you of voted for? Comment below your favorite brand off this list!

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