Cannabis Edibles Heal People

Remember we DO NOT sell THC edibles on our website. This site and all its information are for educational and entertainment purposes only.

After caregivers started to grow in 2008, they had extra plant material that they wanted to use. These growers used their extra cannabis plant to make butter & extracts. This naturally lead them to use those in cannabis-infused food. This is when Michigan Edibles were born. As dispensaries started to pop up all over the state, the demand for these cannabis-infused treats skyrocketed. Everyone was seeing major benefits from ingesting the cannabis confections. Michigan-Edibles believes in the power of the cannabis plant and its ability to help those in need. Cannabis is a natural medicine and adults should be able to choose what they use for their healing.   Michigan-Edibles wants to help make this state more mainstream with education and resources.

We believe that if an adult wants, they should be able to heal with edible marijuana.

Michigan-Edibles is here for the advanced cannabis user as well as the newbie. Whether you have never eaten an edible or want to get into the legal Michigan Edible market, we are here for your resources. We want to educate and also showcase those in the Great Lakes State who are making edibles. We want to bridge the gap between those who make the laws and those who are making the products. As long as we follow the rules and all act like responsible adults, we can enjoy what the cannabis plant has to offer us.

Remember if we medicate responsibly​, adults over 21 should be able to choose their own medicine.