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Northern Connections

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Northern Connections Michigan Cannabis Edible Brand

Northern Connections is a renowned cannabis edible brand based in Michigan. With a focus on quality and innovation, they have gained recognition in the industry. Their products have received accolades, including the 21 HashBashCup awards for Medically Infused and Hybrid Flower categories, as well as the Afroman Edibles award. Notable mentions include the highly-rated Wild Berry Powder Mix and the recommended Black Cherry Syrup by the Garden State Cannabis Crew.

Reviews from satisfied customers, like Rose Zee and E.D. Roberts, highlight the exceptional quality and eagerness to purchase Northern Connections' products.

The brand actively engages with reviewers, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. Northern Connections is a trusted name in the Michigan cannabis industry, offering THC High Cocoa, THC Mix Stick (pixy sticks), and THC liquid loud products for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Northern Connections 1 review

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1 review
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    Elizabeth Roberts

    Northern Connections has it going on. The stix and syrup are AMAZING. NC never disappoints. Thanks for such wonderful products. Prices are more than reasonable. 12 stars.

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