how strong is a 100 mg edibles

How Strong is a 100 MG Edible?

How Strong is a 100 MG Edible? You have the cannabis edible to your lips, and you are about to take a huge bite. Out of the corner of your

Cannabis Zucchini Bread

Cannabis Zucchini Bread If you are looking to make a delicious cannabutter treat, look no further than the Edibles Magazine Cannabis Zucch

best cannabis chef in michigan blog banner

Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021

Who is the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan of 2021? Michigan is experiencing a rush of chefs who specialize in infusing our beloved plant i

Cannabis Edible Concentrate and Extracts Explained &

Cannabis Edible Concentrates and Extracts Explained

Every cannabis edible is made with cannabis oil. But because these oils are cooked into or sprayed on top of food items it’s hard to

delta 8 THC edible

What are Delta-8 THC edibles?

Delta-8 THC edibles are a new class of cannabis product. As all edibles, they provide an opportunity for people who cannot smoke or vape t

cannabis buttercream frosting Michigan Edibles

Cannabis Butter Cream Frosting

Frosting is versatile and delicious. If you are looking to medicate anything with frosting, use this Cannabis Butter Cream Frosting recipe

blog of how to sell edibles in Michigan

How to Legally Sell Edibles in Michigan

How to Legally Sell Edibles in Michigan Cannabis edibles are LEGAL IN MICHIGAN! Once completely illegal and only since 2018, it is now pos

Dear First Time Edible user

Dear First Time Edible User: Read This

Dear First Time Edible Eater: I beg you before you experiment with edibles please read this letter. I know how exciting it is to try somet

edible recipe upload

Looking to upload an edible recipe?

How to upload an edible recipe to the internet Are you a cannaisseur or a brand manager and want to get your cooking skills on the interne


Easy Medicated Chocolate Covered Raisins

March 24th is National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, so what better way to celebrate than to make a medicated batch?    &

Michigan CBD Companies

Michigan CBD Companies List 🌱🌱

Michigan CBD Companies Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp plants. When cannabis was outlawed in Michiga