Michigan Edibles

Michigan Edibles Recreational Edible Purchase Limits

Michigan Recreational Cannabis Purchase Limits for Edibles: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn more about the recreational purchase limits in MI. Understanding these limits can help you make informed decisions when purchasing recreational products.

cannabis edible market in Michigan

Get Ready for the Cannabis Edibles Market Boom in 2024 & Beyond!

Discover where the edibles market was in 2023 and where its going in 2024 and beyond.

Jayden's Law: proposed legislation in Michigan allowing students with medical marijuana prescriptions to consume edibles at school.

Analyzing Jayden’s Law: Kids and Edibles in Michigan Schools

Explore Jayden’s Law: proposed legislation in Michigan allowing students with medical marijuana prescriptions to consume edibles at school.

we're paying tribute to their resilience and paving the way for a future where everyone can enjoy cannabis without fear or stigma. Commemorating the Victims of Michigan Prohibition

Commemorating the Victims of Michigan Prohibition

Join us on October 5th to honor victims of cannabis prohibition in Michigan. Explore its history, and pay tribute to the Michigan cannabis pioneers.

cannabis rescheduled 1 to 3 Michigan Edibles

US Govt May Reclassify Cannabis from Schedule 1 to 3

Discover how changes made by the government to Schedule 1 of cannabis could lead to legalization in more states and impact how cannabis is sold.


How Much are Edibles in Michigan

Check out our complete guide to cannabis edibles pricing in Michigan! Find out the average cost of popular edibles in major Michigan cities.

820 latest cannabis day Michigan Edibles

National 820 Day: Celebrating Drinkable Cannabis

Celebrate National 820 Day with us at Michigan Edibles and discover the incredible benefits of drinkable cannabis.

Viridis Michigan based cannabis company legal battle against CRA

Michigan Cannabis Company Denied Legal Action Due to Federal Ban on Marijuana

Explore Viridis Laboratories, and their legal battle against the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency in this insightful blog post.

how strong are edibles in Michigan?

How Strong can Edibles be in Michigan?

Cannabis is legal for those 21+ but just how strong can edibles be in Michigan? Find out here!

Mary Jones Soda Co Coming to Michigan

Jones Soda Takes Over Michigan with its New Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Discover the exciting news: Mary Jones Soda infused cannabis drinks are heading to Michigan! Don’t miss out on this unique and flavorful experience.

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