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Krispy Treats Kitchen is a Michigan edible brand.

Writes recipes featured in MMREPORT since October 2019 can find several and all methods used in our kitchen.

Won 3 trophies out at Clio Cultivation the last 3 years in a row.

Specializes in full treatment infusion from flower extraction to tincture infusion with top-shelf high-quality ingredients with an innovative mindset, creativity, and use in an array of ways to treat common conditions brought on by the everyday environmental stressors.

Specialty in designing for individual treatment as homeopathy with a blend of herbs found worldwide to help aid naturally as nature intends. Let the herbs work.

Specialty in full meal design flour, sugar, salt, oil, corn syrup, drink, spices.

Specialty treats available upon request.



Imlay City, MI, USA
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We are Committed to Michigan Cannabis

Michigan Edibles is a brand to showcase our awesome cannabis community in Michigan.


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