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Looking to make your own cannabis edibles? You’ll most certainly need molds to make your chocolate, gummies, or hard candies in! Here is a list of edible molds we’ve actually bought and used ourselves to make legal edibles in Michigan.

In our state, we have rules that state you cannot make cannabis edibles in certain shapes. Per rule 33: this includes animals, people, and fruit. This is to help children understand that it’s not a food item they should eat. Make sure your cannabis edibles are NOT appealing to children. Buy these silicone molds for edibles today!.

Michigan Cannabis Edible Square 2 ml silicone molds 126 piece

Michigan-Edibles.com recently launched its very first product that includes the Michigan THC symbol in the best-selling silicone mold.

You can use these for chocolate or even gummies.

Almost the same as the mold before but with more spaces per mold.

BAKE a cake or use it to make a breakable chocolate cannabis leaf.

Great for hard candy, chocolate, soap or even candles.

If you are someone that makes marijuana edibles, make sure your molds are approved before producing any sweet treats. Also, make sure they aren’t shaped like people or animals.

Use these edible molds you can buy online today instead!

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