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we're paying tribute to their resilience and paving the way for a future where everyone can enjoy cannabis without fear or stigma. Commemorating the Victims of Michigan Prohibition

From Prohibition to Progress: A Tribute to the Victims of Cannabis Prohibition in Michigan


Welcome to Michigan Edibles, your go-to destination for all things cannabis edibles in the Great Lakes State! We’re here to satisfy your cravings for delicious brownies and candies while also taking a moment to commemorate the Victims of Prohibition on October 5th.


Today, we remember those affected by cannabis prohibition laws.

Reflect on their impact and join us in celebrating responsible consumption and honoring their experience.

Get ready for an exciting adventure, edible enthusiasts!

The History of Cannabis Prohibition

Michigan cannabis prohibition survivors Lansing

The history of cannabis prohibition in the United States is a fascinating journey, with Michigan playing a crucial role. To truly grasp its impact, let’s dive into the past.

For thousands of years, cannabis has been used for various purposes, from medicine to recreational enjoyment. However, in the early 20th century, the US launched a campaign against this plant, ultimately leading to nationwide prohibition.

Michigan followed suit in 1927, almost a decade before the federal Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, which effectively criminalized cannabis across the country. The state promptly enforced these new laws, resulting in numerous arrests and prosecutions. This era marked a dark period in Michigan’s history, with lives affected by strict laws and severe penalties.

The prohibition of cannabis had significant and wide-ranging effects on individuals and communities in Michigan. Many people ended up incarcerated for minor possession, leading to shattered families and communities. The stigma surrounding cannabis grew, creating fear and misunderstanding. Moreover, the prohibition fueled the illegal drug trade, contributing to violence and crime.

Michigan cannabis prohibition laws early arrests

If you want to delve deeper into the History of Cannabis Prohibition, you can find more information here.

It’s crucial to note that the impact of prohibition was not evenly felt. Minority communities bore the brunt of enforcement, resulting in significant racial disparities. This fact serves as a painful reminder of the social injustices intertwined with drug policies.

Fast forward to today, and the landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation. In 2018, Michigan voters said ‘yes’ to recreational cannabis, marking a significant shift in public opinion and the law. However, the scars of prohibition still remain, reminding us of a time when enjoying a cannabis brownie could have serious legal consequences.

As we navigate the flourishing edibles market in Michigan, let’s not forget our history. It’s a testament to progress, but also a reminder of the costs involved. Understanding our past is crucial as we continue to advocate for fair and equitable cannabis policies.

Personal Michigan Cannabis Prohibition Stories

The human cost of cannabis prohibition is often overlooked, but it’s a crucial part of the story. It’s not only about the laws and policies; it’s about the people whose lives were impacted along the way. Let’s shed light on this aspect and understand its significance.


Michael Thompson

Michigan cannabis prohibition survivor Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson, a lifelong resident of Michigan, tragically paid an exorbitant price as a direct consequence of the long-standing cannabis prohibition that has plagued our society. Having been unjustly incarcerated for non-violent cannabis-related activities for several decades, his story serves as a heart-wrenching and poignant example of the unforgiving and disproportionate repercussions brought forth by such legislation. 

It is worth noting that throughout his harrowing ordeal, Thompson’s use of cannabis was solely for medicinal purposes, adding an additional layer of urgency and emphasizing the pressing need for comprehensive reform within our legal system. As society continues to evolve and attitudes towards cannabis shift, the time is ripe for a compassionate and rational reevaluation of our existing legal framework.


Ryan Basore and Redemption Cannabis

Introducing Ryan Basore, an ambitious entrepreneur hailing from Lansing, Michigan! In the late 2000s, Basore faced a setback when he was arrested for operating a cannabis dispensary. Although it was a non-violent offense, he was sentenced to prison, causing emotional and financial strain for his family and disrupting his promising career.


But here’s the inspiring part: Basore didn’t let this setback deter him. Instead, it fueled his determination to bring about positive change in the cannabis industry. After serving his sentence, he founded Redemption Cannabis, a company that not only sells legal cannabis but also actively supports individuals with similar experiences.

Under Basore’s leadership, Redemption Cannabis has made significant contributions to aid cannabis “felons”. The company has given back $250,000 to prisoners through the Redemption Foundation, providing much-needed financial, legal, and emotional support.


If you’re interested in learning more about how to give back to cannabis felons in Michigan, check out the Redemption Foundation here. Let’s make a difference together!

The Free Bree Story

Reflect on the harrowing story of Maria and Steve Green, a couple from Lansing, Michigan, who used medical marijuana for their health conditions. Despite being state-approved marijuana users, they faced severe consequences when their infant daughter Bree was taken away from them due to their use of cannabis.

In a shocking event, employees from the county’s Child Protective Services stood in their home and took custody of Bree. This incident occurred before cannabis was legalized, leaving the Greens in a difficult legal battle for six weeks before they could bring their daughter home.


The Greens’ ordeal is a stark reminder of how prohibition laws had serious and often disproportionate impacts on those who relied on cannabis for medical relief. Despite abiding by the state’s medical marijuana law at the time, they still lost custody of their child, highlighting the need for reform and better standards in the legal system concerning cannabis use.

These stories offer a glimpse into the lives impacted by Michigan’s cannabis prohibition. They serve as a reminder of the human cost associated with these laws – dreams deferred, families torn apart, and unmet medical needs.

Let’s remember these stories. They remind us that simple pleasures, like cannabis brownies or candy bars, were once the cause of profound hardship. These personal stories should inspire responsible and enjoyable consumption, preventing the repetition of past mistakes..

Remembering the Victims: The Dark Legacy of Prohibition

Michigan cannabis prohibition survivor

As we relish in the joys of cannabis edibles, let’s not forget those who suffered under prohibition. Their stories are a poignant reminder of how far we’ve come. As we enjoy the freedom to explore the ever-growing edibles market at Michigan Edibles, let’s honor them through responsible consumption and advocacy for fair cannabis policies.


Let’s make every cannabis brownie, every candy bar, every cookie, a tribute to their resilience.

And as we navigate this wonderful world of edibles, from seasoned users to beginners, let’s ensure our experiences are always enjoyable, respectful, and mindful of our past. After all, we’re not just partaking in edibles; we’re partaking in history. Here’s to a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without fear or stigma!

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Michigan Cannabis Prohibition FAQs

  • Why is October 5th significant in the cannabis community?

    October 5th is a special day when we remember the victims of cannabis prohibition. Way back on October 2nd, 1937, the United States brought in the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, which made cannabis illegal. Just three days later, on October 5th, the FBI and the Denver police raided the Lexington Hotel and arrested Samuel R. Caldwell and Moses Baca. These were the first people to be convicted of selling and possessing cannabis.

  • What was the impact of cannabis prohibition in Michigan?

    Cannabis prohibition in Michigan had far-reaching effects. It led to countless arrests, disrupting lives and disproportionately impacting marginalized communities. Moreover, it stifled the growth of a potentially thriving industry, denying the state economic benefits that come with a regulated cannabis market.

  • How have individuals been affected by cannabis prohibition?

    Individuals impacted by cannabis prohibition have faced legal repercussions, stigma, and limited access to the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Many people have had their lives upended due to criminal charges related to cannabis use or possession.

  • How has the legalization of cannabis, especially edibles, changed the landscape in Michigan?

    The legalization of cannabis, particularly edibles, has transformed Michigan in many ways. It has created a booming industry, generating jobs and contributing to the local economy. It has also given residents an accessible and enjoyable way to consume cannabis.

  • How can we ensure responsible and enjoyable consumption in honor of those who suffered under prohibition?

    We can honor the victims of prohibition by promoting responsible and enjoyable cannabis consumption. This includes educating ourselves and others about safe usage, advocating for fair cannabis policies, and remembering those who were negatively impacted by prohibition. Every time we enjoy a cannabis-infused treat responsibly, we're paying tribute to their resilience and paving the way for a future where everyone can enjoy cannabis without fear or stigma!

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