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How Strong is a 200 MG Edible?


200 MG edibles are now LEGAL for recreational cannabis Michigan dispensaries to sell in their stores. If you are over 21 years of age you can purchase these edibles! But be cautious, if you are going to get a 200MG edible you might want to know How Strong is a 200 MG edible?

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200 MG Tolerance

Have you eaten marijuana before? Do you know how you will react when you do so? Part of tolerance is knowing your limits. Remember DO NOT EAT MORE 2 HOURS BEFORE! And also 200 MG might mean something completely different to you than others because of your tolerance! It’s important to know your personal tolerance if you want to know that 200 mg of edibles will affect you.


200 MG Edibles & Body Chemistry

You may have been warned that edibles can be stronger than smoking or vaping and you should take it easy. They are indeed stronger, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily more dangerous! In fact, there are reasons why some people prefer them to other methods of cannabis use:

You will not get high right away when you eat an edible!

  • It is absorbed by your digestive system and must transverse it before reaching the bloodstream where it ultimately interacts with receptors in your brain and body to produce its effects.
  • This means there is a delay between eating the edible and feeling its effects; typically this delay ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much food you ate with it (more food = longer delay).
  • It also means that if you eat too much at once or too fast, you could end up feeling sick instead of high—though this can happen with any method!
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200 MG Edible Composition

All edibles are not created equal. Some edibles just contain THC and others actually have cannabis extract in them. Make sure to see if the edible has other cannabinoids or is made from cannabis concentrates.

200 MG edible Michigan cannabis edibles

Is the Edible Actually 200 MG?

Something you should consider is testing practices. Since the cannabis industry is pretty new, even licensed facilities are not all on the same page. Almost nothing is double-checked and an edible could actually not be a true 200 MG.

200 MG Effects

Some edible will kick in quicker than others but the rule of thumb is you’ll feel the full effects from 2 to 4 hours AFTER ingesting your edible. The high will last 8 to 12 hours. So if you eat 200 MG edible you’ll have way too much of a buzz or you’ll feel really good. Edibles highs all depend on all the points above!

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dont eat more edibles before 2 hours of taking the first bite

How Strong is a 200 MG edible? Well, it depends on YOU! Cannabis is a self-medicating substance that you are responsible for ingesting. The only way to know how strong any edible is – is to eat it. Just make sure you MEDICATE RESPONSIBLY and START LOW AND GO SLOW!

What was your 200 MG edible experience? Share below!


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