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Our website is here to bring you all of the information you could need about edibles in Michigan. This includes the brands and anyone else who operates a business that helps edibles!

In our blog we explore all of the aspects of Michigan cannabis edibles. From the beginner to those wishing to seek licensing we seek to educate.

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Michigan Edibles is dedicated to the education and positive marketing of cannabis edibles in Michigan. Read more on our blog!

how strong is a 100 mg edibles

How Strong is a 100 MG Edible?

How Strong is a 100 MG Edible? You have the cannabis edible to your lips, and you are about to take a huge bite. Out of the corner of your […]

viridis michigan marijuana recall full list

Full List of Affected Locations of the Michigan Marijuana Recall November 2021

Michigan Dispensaries affected by the Michigan Marijuana Recall Michigan just got hit with the largest marijuana recall yet. Estimated at 200$ Million dollar recall from MLive, this might mess up the Michigan […]

September 2021 Michigan Cannabis Sales Michigan Edible cannabis sales (Blog Banner)

Michigan Edible Cannabis Sales $20.6 Million in September 2021

Michigan Edible Cannabis Sales $20.6 Million in September 2021 Edible cannabis sales in Michigan are climbing. In a recent report by they state that Michigan cannabis sales increased 53% […]

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