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Monster Medibles is a Monster Xtracts edible brand in Jackson Michigan

Monster Medibles, a division of Monster Xtracts, presents a wide array of cannabis edibles, promising an unmatched experience for every palate and preference. The lineup includes an extensive selection of gummies, each variant promising equal potency and a burst of flavor to elevate your senses. With sizes ranging from 2 x 50 to 10 x 20, these gummies are not just a treat but a journey into exquisite taste and satisfaction.

Not just stopping at gummies, Monster Medibles takes you back to the nostalgic lanes with its taffy. This isn't just any taffy; it's a reinvention, bursting with flavor and potency, making it a contemporary twist on a classic delight. Each pack contains 10 pieces, each with 10MG of goodness, ensuring that each bite is better than a trip to the candy store.

For those seeking a modern twist on consumption, Monster Xtracts introduces YouMist. This product revolutionizes microdosing, offering a balance of THC and CBD or pure THC options. Available in 150MG and 200MG doses, YouMist stands as a testament to convenience, discretion, and consistent effectiveness.

The culinary enthusiasts aren't left out either. Monster Xtracts has ingeniously infused cannabis into weed infused olive oil, making it a simple yet revolutionary addition to your kitchen. Imagine drizzling, blending, or stirring this cannabis-infused olive oil into your salads or desserts, bringing not just flavor but an extraordinary twist to your meals.

Lastly, the standout product from Monster Medibles has to be the cannabis peanut butter. This isn't just any peanut butter; it's a fan favorite for a reason. With its irresistible flavor and significant potency, it promises to tantalize and satisfy your taste buds in ways you never imagined. It's more than just a spread; it's an experience, ensuring that every scoop is a delightful journey


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2701 N Dettman Rd, Jackson, MI 49201
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