The Easy Beginner Edible Dose Guide

STOP! Before you eat that 250 MG edible make sure you are reading this post. ALL THE WAY THROUGH. It’s imperative that you don’t keep eating more before you “don’t feel it” or “this edible is whack.” Let’s make sure your edible experience is made easier with our Beginner Edible Dose Guide!

Marijuana edibles can provide a unique and powerful high. But, it’s important to know the right dose for beginner users who are new to consuming cannabis through edibles. 


Here’s a beginner’s guide to edible doses so you know what you’re getting into; how to start safely and responsibly, and what to expect as you take your beginner’s journey with marijuana edibles. – Randi

Beginner Edible Dose Effects

When consuming cannabis through edibles, the effects can be different from smoking or vaping. Be sure to read the label of your edible carefully, as edibles typically come in various doses ranging from 5-50mg. 


Not all cannabis products are the same! Dosing is not accurate everywhere – even with lab testing. Even our individual endocannabinoid systems are different!

If you’re new to marijuana edibles, we recommend beginning with a low dose (5mg) and working up to your ideal dose.


Cannabis Edibles in your Body for Beginners

It’s important to remember that marijuana edibles take longer to kick in than smoking or vaping. On average, edibles start working 30 to 90 minutes after you eat them. 

So don’t be tempted to eat more before you feel anything! If you find yourself in this situation, simply relax and wait for the effects to come on.

You’ll most likely be totally fine but might experience some things and impaired coordination.

Do not attempt to drive if you are feeling the effects of your edible.


#1 Beginner Edible Dose Rule

As beginner edible dose guides, we want to make sure that you’re safely consuming cannabis. So don’t forget this key message: start low and go slow!

Start with the lowest dose possible and increase your dosage slowly. This will help you find the right amount of cannabis for your body. 


Thanks for reading, and remember, relaxation is key!

Enjoy your edibles responsibly.

High Vibes & Peace,


As always please leave your comments or questions below thanks!

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