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Licensed Michigan cannabis scam

Michigan Cannabis Processors & Cultivators: Beware of Getting Scammed!

The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency is now warning licensed marijuana businesses that they are at risk for a potential scam!

It seems as if non-licensed individuals are contacting licensed purchasing managers and placing large orders WITH a “borrowed” legal purchasing license. Only for the secure transport to show up with an unlicenced drop-off address, not the “borrowed” purchasing address!

These scammers are not licensed by Michigan but are purchasing licensed cannabis products.

Selling these products from legal processors makes the scammers look more legit!

In comes new Executive Director of the CRA; Brain Hanna

Since September 2022, there is a new executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

And this new director named Brian Hanna is looking to crack down on such fraud within the Michigan cannabis industry.Ā 

"If there's anybody cutting corners or cheating, we want to expose that and take a strong enforcement approach on that " via @Detroitnews


How to Protect Yourself & Your Business

Processing and Cultivation centers need to double-check METRC manifests to make sure the information is correct before releasing products to secure transports. Secure transporters also need to double-check the information on manifests.Ā 

Consumers can check LARA licenses of the place they purchased their marijuana products to make sure they are legal.Ā 

If you think you’ve been bamboozled make sure to contact the CRA about possible fraud.

Cannabis scams are becoming more prevalent as time passes so stay vigilant!

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