How Much are Edibles in Michigan.

Update on the state of Edibles in Michigan:


An in-depth look at edible prices in Michigan during May 2022

Legal cannabis is relativity new to Michigan. It wasn’t too long ago that you couldn’t go down to your local dispensary and buy state-sanctioned cannabis. But, now that the laws are passed and that old bank is turned into legal cannabis dispensing store, you want to know how much are edibles in Michigan?

We took every Michigan edible product on Weedmaps in May 2022 in Michigan and compared their pricing. Here are our results:

Average Cost All Edibles May 2022

Weedmaps provided the data of  the 9,252 edibles we used for our data. The average cost of all the edibles in our data came out to be $13.13 for each package. This includes every MG package, CBD products, and medical and recreational products. This is also an average of 0.14¢ per MG. 

Remember Michigan’s sales tax on recreational cannabis is 10% on top of the 6% sales tax after these prices on this list. Medical just has the 6% sales tax. Don’t forget the Tip of 20% as budtending is a part of the service industry! 

Expect to pay approximately $19.45 on average per package of edibles in Michigan after tax and tip.

The average amount per package of medical marijuana THC edibles is $14.67. This is $15.55 with tax and $18.48 with both tax and tip.

The average amount per package of recreational cannabis THC edible is $12.33. This is $13.07 with tax and $15.54 per tax and tip. Recreational marijuana edibles might seem to be a bit cheaper than medical but that is because recreational marijuana in Michigan is capped at 100 MG while medical is 200 MG.


Average Cost Per MG All Edibles May 2022

(MG on the package) multiplied by (the approximate price per MG )= About the price you would pay at the dispensary.

The average cost per MG for both medical and recreational cannabis edible products is 0.14¢. This is approximately 0.15¢ with tax and 0.18¢ to 0.19¢ with tax and tip.

The average cost per MG for medical edibles is 0.11¢. With tax that is 0.12¢ per mg and 0.14¢ per MG with tax and tip.

The average cost per MG of THC for recreational edibles is 0.16¢. With tax that is 0.19¢ per mg and with tax and tip that is 0.22¢ per mg.


The cost of cannabis edibles will vary from dispensary to dispensary. But with this guide, you can know what to expect before you go. More importantly, remember that you get what you pay for! Be sure to visit reputable dispensaries where employees are knowledgeable and happy to help.

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