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Mary Jones Soda Co Coming to Michigan

Jones Soda Cannabis Beverages Coming to Michigan


Cannabis beverages are a new, innovative way to get high. They’ve taken over other legal cannabis markets by storm, and cannabis industry experts believe the market for cannabis alone could reach $2 billion in sales by 2026. However, weed drinks haven’t really caught on in Michigan yet.

Enter Mary Jones Soda with THC. We’re predicting that these cannabis-infused sodas will be the ultimate drink of the summer in Michigan this year. Here’s what you need to know about Mary Jones Sodas before they hit stores. 

What Is Mary Jones Soda Company?

Mary Jones Soda is a new cannabis-infused beverage. Each glass bottle contains THC, the psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plant, so drinking one will get you high. This makes them a great alternative to drinking alcohol.

Who makes Mary Jones Soda?

Mary Jones products were created by Jones Soda, the iconic brand of craft soda known for its glass bottles, unconventional flavors, unique flavors, and customer-submitted photos on their labels. These beverages have long been sold in Michigan grocery stores, and fans of branded soda company and cannabis products are excited to see how the cannabis-infused versions of the sodas will taste.

The Jones Soda by Mary Jones line cannabis infused beverages was launched in California in June 2022, where it’s currently carried in over 275 dispensaries. Reception for original craft soda has been stellar, with many saying they taste just like the old sodas from their childhood. Mary Jones infused craft soda is already the best-selling weed drink in California, and their reach is only expanding.

Mary Jones is planning to roll out their cannabis products in all legal markets in the coming years. Michigan was a priority market because the company say it’s currently the fourth-largest cannabis market in the U.S., making nearly $2.3 billion in sales in 2022.

In addition, we have over 1,050 cannabis sales locations in Michigan. While it’s unclear how many of them will carry Mary Jones when it’s first released, we anticipate that the weed drink will be extremely popular, especially among younger consumers. So what Mary Jones products can we look forward to in Michigan this summer?
Five colorful bottles with unique artistic labels arranged around a central green plant against a black background.
Artist Concept of Mary Jones Soda

Variety of Mary Jones Soda Co Products

There will be three different types of Mary Jones THC beverages. The first and most popular is their 10 mg cannabis soda. It’s made to taste exactly like their Jones Soda counterparts with an extra boost of THC. These weed drinks are best for casual cannabis consumers who generally only need a few hits or one gummy to get high. They’re sold as individual 12 oz glass bottles or in 4-packs, so they’re perfect to take to a party, too.

All of their products are available in these four flavors:

  • Orange & Cream
  • Green Apple
  • Root Beer
  • Berry Lemonade
In addition, Mary Jones plans to add new flavors seasonally to make trying a weed drink near me even more tempting for both curious newbies and seasoned consumers.

You can also purchase Mary Jones 100 mg sodas. They’re served in colorful 16 oz. tall boy cans for a larger portion. These cannabis drinks taste the same as the 10 mg sodas, but contain 10x the THC. They’re made for frequent dispensary shoppers with high weed tolerances. Alternatively, one cannabis beverage could be shared among a group of friends for a collective experience. These weed drinks are also resealable and child-resistant when closed, so you can save some for another day.
In addition cannabis products, you’ll soon be able to buy Mary Jones cannabis-infused syrups in Michigan. They can be added to any beverage, used as a cocktail mixer, drizzled over desserts, or even consumed straight from the bottle. One container contains 100 mg of THC, so you can spread one over multiple sessions or share it with friends. In the future, Mary Jones may launch a version of their syrups that contain 1000 mg of THC.
In addition, we anticipate that Michigan will begin to carry other Mary Jones cannabis brand edibles that will taste like Jones Soda’s iconic flavors. So far, it looks like that includes THC gummies, but the cannabis brand may expand more in the future.
Five colorful soda bottles with unique artistic labels depicting various scenes and animals, presented against a white background.
Artist Concept of Mary Jones Soda

Is Jones Soda a Michigan thing?

Yes, Jones Soda is a staple in the Michigan grocery store scene. The brand has been around for over 20 years and its unique flavors have made it a fan favorite. Now, with the launch of their cannabis-infused drinks, adults in the state can enjoy their favorite flavors in a refreshing beverage that also includes marijuana’s active ingredients.

Overall, we think these weed drinks will be extremely popular in Michigan this summer. Michigan Jones soda fans may soon learn that sipping a cannabis soda on the beach is even more fun than chugging a White Claw!

Mary Jones Brand Near You


Looking to find Mary Jones Soda near you? Here’s a map of current locations, but it doesn’t contain upcoming Michigan dispensaries yet. Check back later for more info!

If you want to find other weed drinks near me while you wait, Michigan Edibles can help! Our directory listings will help you find the best place to buy edibles in Michigan.

We’ll also keep you up to date about the newest edibles on the market as they roll out in 2023 and beyond!

Your thoughts on Mary Jones Soda Co? Leave them below!

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