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100mg Edible Experience: A Detailed Journey


The First Encounter: A Tale of a 100mg Edible

It was a calm Friday evening when Alex, a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, decided to explore the world of edibles. With a sense of excitement, Alex unwrapped a 100mg THC chocolate bar, its aroma mingling with anticipation in the air. As a person who usually sticks to joints, this was uncharted territory.

Breaking off a small piece, Alex contemplated the journey ahead. This wasn’t just any edible; it was a potent concoction promising an experience that would be both profound and enlightening.

If, like Alex, you find yourself holding a 100mg cannabis edible, teetering on the brink of a edible adventure, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the multifaceted landscape of a 100mg edible experience. 

From unraveling the intensity of the effects to understanding the importance of dosage and highlighting crucial safety measures, we’re here to illuminate every corner of this journey. Whether you’re a novice in the realm of cannabis edibles or a seasoned consumer looking to deepen your understanding, this article is your beacon through the nuances of consuming a 100mg cannabis edible.

100 MG Edible Cannabis Edible Variables


Type of Cannabinoids in Edible

Is your edible 100 MG of CBD or THC? Or does it have the newer delta 8 THC? Each one of these cannabinoids may have a different effect when eating.


positive effects of edibles MIchigan-Edibles.com

Smoking marijuana and ingesting marijuana can be very different acts. Some people might be able to smoke all day but when they eat a 5 MG edible, be out for a weed nap. Some people might be able to smoke joints all day but can’t handle 10 MG. It all depends on your tolerance. As well as how long and how frequently you eat edibles.



Getting the cannabinoids into your bloodstream might affect your high when eating a 100 MG edible. If you ate earlier in the day or if you have ingested anything with terpenes in it, your high might be different.


Every single person’s cannabinoid metabolisms are different! There is a special enzyme called CYP3A4. This enzyme controls the body’s ability to absorb these cannabinoids. This is why some people can take very little cannabis edibles and feel high, while some can eat a whole 100 MG edible and feel very little.

Source: CYP3A4 Genetics – Importance For THC & CBD Metabolism


Consuming cannabis may vary based on your age. Whether young or old can affect your high. A recent study found that cannabinoids may be more potent in the elderly.

Carrier Oil

Cannabis-infused olive oil,

Marijuana can be processed in many different ways. Understanding what is inside your edibles can help you gauge how many MG you should ingest for optimal medicating. This will have a big effect on your question, how strong is a 100MG Edible is.

  • Is the oil in the edible RSO, BHO, Distillate, CO2, Hash, or Rosin?
  • Are these processed oils (decarbed completely, extracted correctly)
  • What are the MG of the cannabinoids that are in it, THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG
  • What are the terpene concentrations? Terpenes help the cannabinoids pass the blood-brain barrier which carries the medicine straight to the brain, which helps it work better.

Click to Tweet and help spread 100 MG edible cannabis knowledge! [bctt tweet=”Terpenes can cross the blood-brain barrier due to their lipophilic nature and studies have demonstrated a range of health benefits for some terpenes found in cannabis – @IntechOpen” username=”MichiganEdibles”] Source: The United Chemicals of Cannabis: Beneficial Effects of Cannabis Phytochemicals on the Brain and Cognition


Altitude might not seem like something you would have to worry about in Michigan but if you eat your edible somewhere else, how “high” you are can be affected by how high you are!

What is Comparable to a Cannabis Edible?

Adam Damon on Facebook said: 

“I try to compare it to alcohol since most people have drank way too much at one point. Even though being way to drunk and way too high are different experiences, I feel it can be relatable in terms of having control over your body.”

  • Bowl = a couple of beers.
  • Dab = a couple of Jack and Cokes.
  • A high dose edible for a newbie = whatever amount of shots that would make you say, “I never want to do that many shots again lol.”
overconsumption of edibles and addiction

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Cannabis edibles have very different effects compared to smoking. The time they take to activate can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Then the effects might last for as long as 4 hours to 10 hours depending on how much you have taken.

how long do edibles last www.michigan-edibles.com

Michigan-Edibles.com advocates for medicating responsibly at all costs. As adults, you have the choice of what goes into your body. Making responsible choices (eating very little and then waiting) can be the difference between a great experience and a terrible one.

dont eat more edibles before 2 hours of taking the first bite

Track Your 100 MG Edible Experience

It is important to go slow, wait, and be patient when consuming edibles. In addition, if you track your experiences you will be able to remember how different types of edibles help or hinder you.


Effects and Benefits While Consuming a 100 MG of THC

Consuming 100 mg of THC can lead to a variety of notable effects and benefits:

  • Pain Relief:
    • Experience significant reduction in pain, especially in areas affected by physical activity, like relief in the hips after a strenuous workout.
  • Tension Release:
    • Notice the dissipation of built-up tension, particularly in common stress areas like the neck and shoulders, often due to prolonged periods at a computer.
  • Elevated Lightness:
    • Feel an overall sense of lightness, akin to feeling as light as a feather, providing a profound level of relaxation that lower dosages may not achieve.
  • Mindful Tranquility:
    • Achieve a state of quiet mindfulness, leading to deeply restful sleep, possibly lasting an impressive duration of 10 hours – a quality of rest that might have been elusive for a long time.

What lesson should you learn from this experience?

From this experience, you should learn that high-dose edibles demand respect, not fear or avoidance. It’s a valuable insight that embracing, rather than shying away from, their potent effects can lead to profound experiences.

Recognize the importance of preparing both mentally and physically, and take the moment to fully immerse yourself in the experience. This understanding isn’t just a personal reminder but also a piece of advice for you if you have the tolerance yet remain hesitant.

Approach high-dose edibles with an open mind and readiness, and you might discover a depth in the journey that goes beyond mere consumption.

Medicate Responsibly

If you have made it this far, thank you. You are a responsible adult consumer. Our mission is to educate the masses on edible cannabis products because they can be so helpful for so many different reasons. Remember patience is key! Eat slowly and enjoy your ride!

captain kirk Michigan edible 100 mg

Bonus Cannabis Edible Infographic

Bonus Info-graphic. Thank you to our friends Midnight Roots Bars for letting us post their awesome information on how to medicate responsibly!


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