Dear First Time Edible user

Dear First Time Edible Eater:

I beg you before you experiment with edibles please read this letter. I know how exciting it is to try something new but please hear me out! Medicating with edibles is different than smoking. There are a few factors that you should consider as a first-time edible user:

Eat the Edible SLOW and start with a LITTLE amount

I’ve seen it time and time again someone thinks they are going to eat 100MG and be feeling all great and having a good time then BAM, they aren’t. How Strong was that 100MG edible? Well, it depends on an ALOT of factors and could vary from person to person and edible to edible. Let’s make sure you know your own body and where your edibles came from to gauge how much you should eat as a first-timer.

In order to do so, we have provided a downloadable PDF that you can use to track your edible experience. I would suggest filling this sheet out at least once to figure out what works best for you and your body.

Cannabis Edible Consumption Journal

To download as image, right-click on the image and “save image as”

Click here to download the Edible Consumption Journal Brochure PDF

First Time Edible Eating Checklist

For the next 2 to 24 hours:
You do not have anything important to get done:
⚪ Not driving anywhere
⚪ Don’t have to do adult responsibilities
⚪ Don’t have to work
⚪ Have someone responsible to help you.

Follow these simple instructions and you should have a pleasant experience. Remember cannabis is a sacred plant and has great medicinal properties if used correctly. Please remember!

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Don’t forget to read up on our main blog post: How Strong is a 100MG edible for more information.


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