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New poll time! What’s Michigan’s Favorite Type of Cannabis Edible?

Michigan-Edibles.com wants to know: what is your favorite cannabis edible? As responsible adults, we can choose what kind of medicine we consume. If you consume edibles, we would like to know what is your go-to favorite. 
Thank you for your votes! We love to find out what our state is thinking about edibles in general, you guys make this website happen! Michigan voters picked gummies as their favorite type of cannabis edible with hard candy coming in second. Last but not least Michigan cannabis people love chocolate bars as well!

MIchigan's Favorite Cannabis Edible 2019

Best Edibles in Michigan

Take a look at our other poll where we asked what our Michigan Cannabis Communities’ best edible brand was in 2019!


Best Edibles in Michigan 2019


Best Edibles in Michigan 2020


What is your favorite kind of edibles? Comment below!

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