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THC and CBD Beverages in Michigan: Exploring Dry January Drinking


January, known for its resolution-driven tradition of abstaining from alcohol, famously called ‘Dry January’, is taking a unique turn in Michigan. As health-conscious choices gain momentum, abstention is evolving beyond just alcohol. 

Welcome to the world of THC and CBD drinks – an emerging market that offers intriguing alternatives for those seeking a different kind of ‘dry’ experience.

Let’s dive into Dry January Drinking!


The Rise of Cannabis-Infused Beverages in Michigan

A colorful cocktail garnished with a cannabis leaf on a reflective surface, set against a purple backdrop.

Spotlight on Michigan-Based Cannabis Beverage Brands

The landscape of cannabis consumption in Michigan is witnessing a remarkable transformation with the introduction of THC and CBD beverages. These innovative drinks are redefining cannabis use, offering a socially acceptable and discreet way of enjoying its benefits. 

In Michigan, the legal framework has adapted to this new wave, paving the way for a variety of cannabis-infused drinks that cater to both recreational and medicinal users. 

This shift is not just a trend but a reflection of the evolving consumer preferences toward healthier and more versatile forms of cannabis consumption. 

Let’s check out some Dry January drinking-safe alternatives in Michigan.


Sweet Justice

Sweet Justice THC-infused drink in Michigan dry January cannabis beverage in Michigan
📷 https://www.drinksweetjustice.com/

Sweet Justice stands out in Michigan’s cannabis drink landscape with its unique approach to THC-infused beverages. As Michigan’s own, Sweet Justice crafts drinks that resonate with the state’s cannabis culture and consumer preferences.

Their offerings, which can be explored in detail at Sweet Justice, present a delightful fusion of taste and relaxation, making them a worthy inclusion in anyone’s Dry January journey.


Happi THC-infused Seltzer in Michigan dry January cannabis beverage in Michigan
📷 https://happihourdrink.com/

Pioneering the cannabis beverage space in Michigan is Happi, a brand that has successfully introduced the state’s first cannabis-infused seltzer.

With a keen focus on flavor and wellness, Happi’s range includes Lemon Elderflower, Raspberry Honeysuckle, and Pomegranate Hibiscus, each containing a modest 2.5 mg of THC per can. 

This composition is intentionally designed to parallel the relaxing effects of a glass of wine, sans the hangover, making it an excellent choice for Dry January participants. 

These low-calorie, flavorful seltzers are not just a drink but a lifestyle choice, aligning with the growing demand for health-conscious alternatives to alcohol.[“] 

Highly Casual

Highly Casual THC-infused drink in Michigan dry January cannabis beverage in Michigan
📷 https://drinkhighlycasual.com/

Joining the ranks of Michigan’s THC beverage innovators is Highly Casual, a brand that is swiftly gaining popularity for its delectable weed seltzers.

Boasting a slightly lower THC content of 2 mg per can, Highly Casual’s lineup includes enticing flavors like Blueberry Pineapple, Strawberry Watermelon, and Lemon-Lime. 

These seltzers are crafted to deliver a subtle, smooth high, appealing to those seeking a mild yet flavorful cannabis experience

Why Choose Cannabis Drinks During Dry January?

Choosing cannabis-infused beverages during Dry January redefines abstention by embracing alternative ways to relax and socialize. THC-infused drinks offer a controlled high, making them an appealing choice for social settings without alcohol’s drawbacks. 

They also serve as a gentle introduction for the ‘canna-curious’ lifestyle. ‘Mindful drinking’ takes on a new dimension, allowing users to enjoy social aspects while maintaining clarity and avoiding health risks.

Exploring the Health Benefits of CBD Beverages


THC drinks are perfect for those seeking a mild psychoactive experience, while CBD beverages focus on wellness. Unlike THC, CBD drinks don’t cause intoxication but are celebrated for their potential therapeutic benefits. 

Users often experience relaxation and calmness without feeling high. This makes CBD drinks a fantastic choice for stress relief, anxiety reduction, and pain management. For health-conscious individuals or those who prefer to stay sober, CBD beverages offer a healthy and responsible option for social drinking. 

The wide selection of flavors and formulations, like the black cherry flavored soda from Mother Earth Natural Health, adds a delightful twist to your wellness journey. 

Culinary Adventures with Cannabis Drinks

Cannabis drinks open up a new realm of culinary experimentation. Whether it’s a THC-infused seltzer or a CBD-laden soda, these beverages can be a fun and innovative addition to the kitchen. 

For those who love to mix and match flavors, creating cannabis-infused cocktails could be an exciting endeavor. 

These drinks also pair wonderfully with various cuisines, adding an extra layer of flavor and experience to a meal. Michigan-Edibles.com provides a wealth of information for culinary enthusiasts looking to explore cannabis-infused beverages, with the Edible Recipes Category offering an array of ideas and inspirations.

The Future of Cannabis Beverages in Michigan

820 water soluble cannabis drinks day

Looking ahead, the future of cannabis beverages in Michigan is bright and promising. With ongoing advancements in infusion technologies and flavor profiles, these drinks are set to cater to an even broader audience. 

The potential for innovation is vast, and we can expect to see more sophisticated and diverse offerings as the market matures. Michigan Edibles will continue to be a valuable resource, keeping its readers informed about the latest trends, products, and insights in the world of cannabis beverages.

Popularity of different types of cannabis beverages in Michigan 2024

The exploration of THC and CBD beverages during Dry January opens up new possibilities for enjoyment and wellness. Michigan’s pioneering spirit in the cannabis industry has led to a range of products that challenge conventional notions of social drinking. As we conclude our journey through the world of cannabis-infused beverages, we invite our readers to remain curious, open-minded, and informed about the evolving landscape of cannabis consumption.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just beginning to explore its possibilities, Michigan-Edibles.com is your go-to source for information, recipes, and community engagement in the dynamic world of cannabis edibles and drinks.

What's your favorite Dry January drink? Comment below!

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