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Lume CBD is a Michigan brand

Lume CBD is a top-tier brand in the Michigan Edible Directory, renowned for its comprehensive range of premium CBD products. With a focus on wellness and quality, Lume CBD offers everything from full-spectrum CBD tinctures to pain relief sticks, CBD bath products, pet tinctures, skincare items, and even apparel.

The brand commits to using only natural and organic ingredients in its products. Their CBD is extracted from organically grown cannabis plants cultivated in the U.S.A., ensuring the highest level of potency and purity. Each product batch undergoes independent testing to verify these qualities, demonstrating Lume CBD's dedication to transparency and customer safety.

Among their offerings, Lume CBD's full-spectrum tinctures and pet tinctures stand out. Their tinctures are designed to help customers relax and wind down, while their pet tinctures offer a touch of TLC for furry companions. Their CBD bath products can be used for a soothing self-care routine or a relieving foot soak.

Beyond their product line, Lume CBD also offers a wealth of information about CBD and its benefits, helping customers stay informed about their choices. The brand is passionate about providing better results for their customers' mental and physical well-being through their superior CBD products.

In summary, Lume CBD is a trusted, customer-focused brand in the Michigan edible market. Their stringent production process, high-quality ingredients, and commitment to education make them a reliable choice for those seeking the best CBD products.

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769 Chicago Road, Troy, MI 48083, USA
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