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Lakeland Hemp is a hemp farm and CBD Company in Michigan

Lakeland Hemp is a distinguished Michigan-based hemp farm and CBD company, with a heritage that traces back to 1860. Renowned for its sustainable, quality, and consistent products, Lakeland Hemp is operated by a family that has been stewarding the same land for over a century.

Strategically located on the 45th parallel, the farm benefits from fresh water and well-drained soil conditions, creating an optimal environment for the growth of industrial hemp. Over the years, Lakeland Hemp's crops have evolved from cherries, corn, wheat, rye, and sunflowers to now include wholesale CBD hemp flower. Despite these changes, their commitment to excellence remains unshaken.

Lakeland Hemp makes buying CBD hemp online a seamless experience, offering a wide range of products including wholesale CBD flower, clones, seedlings, and biomass. The brand ensures that customers get value for their money by offering bulk purchases at significant discounts. Also, every order comes with free shipping, directly from the farm, eliminating the need for middlemen.

In terms of transparency, Lakeland Hemp stands tall. The company provides complete visibility into its certifications, licenses, and lab reports. They also provide a comprehensive medical and FDA disclaimer and adhere to strict legal terms and conditions.

The brand also maintains an informative industrial hemp blog, covering topics ranging from industrial hemp extraction equipment comparisons, hemp fiber processing guides, to CBD extraction methods. This commitment to educating their customers further solidifies Lakeland Hemp's position as a trusted source in the CBD industry.

Committed to producing predictable, pure, and grandly grown hemp products, Lakeland Hemp is a brand that takes pride in its roots, offering the highest quality CBD products to customers across 48 states. It's more than just a CBD company - it's a testament to the rich history and promising future of hemp farming in Michigan.

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8778 Carns Rd, Williamsburg, MI 49690, USA
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