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Above the Roots is a CBD company in Michigan

Above the Roots is a premier provider of family-friendly CBD products based in Michigan. With a focus on radical transparency and high-quality hemp oil products, they are leading the charge in the CBD industry. Their product line is diverse, offering everything from CBD gummies and CBD coffee to CBD skincare and CBD pet products.

At Above the Roots, customers can find edibles infused with 100% natural and organically grown hemp CBD oil that are not only restorative but also delicious. They also offer exclusive CBD products for pets, aiming to promote healthier and happier lives for them. Their skincare products are touted as close to the fountain of youth, while their trending products always reflect what's new and popular in the CBD world.

One of the standout features of Above the Roots is their commitment to education. They help customers understand how to live a better life and improve their health and overall well-being through CBD. If customers are unsure about what to look for, Above the Roots is ready to guide them.

Above the Roots sets itself apart through its commitment to quality at every step of the process, resulting in a difference customers can feel. They take pride in being one of the best CBD stores in Michigan, delivering high-quality premium-grade CBD products.

The brand also values community engagement, encouraging customers to share their stories and experiences with CBD. They celebrate these testimonials on their "Wall of Love", creating a sense of community and shared experience among their clientele.

In summary, Above the Roots is a trusted, transparent, and customer-focused CBD store in Michigan offering a wide range of high-quality CBD products. Whether you're seeking CBD edibles, pet products, skincare items, or simply looking to learn more about the benefits of CBD, Above the Roots is a reliable resource.

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5700 N Aurelius Rd ste 400, Lansing, MI 48911, USA
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