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7 Fake Cannabis Kitchen Appliances That Will Make You High 💨💨

Are you tired of traditional cooking tools that don’t cut when preparing mouthwatering-infused dishes? We hear you. As marijuana cooking continues to gain popularity, so does the demand for innovative and convenient cannabis kitchen appliances like the Levo, Magical Butter Machine, and Ardent FX.

Because let’s face it, the right tools can take your marijuana culinary experience to a whole new level.

The Evolution of Cannabis Kitchen Appliances


The right tools can make all the difference in creating delicious and infused dishes with THC OR CBD oil. Over the years, cannabis kitchen appliances have evolved to meet the needs and demands of canna enthusiasts. From innovative devices like extractors and infusers to convenient gadgets, the market for home cooking has expanded. Weed-cooking tools have come a long way.

Current Technology: From "Easy Bake Ardent" to Cannabutter Makers

One of the notable innovations in the marijuana food industry is Ardent’s “Easy Bake Ardent.” This all-in-one appliance allows users to decarboxylate and infuse their cannabis with ease, eliminating the need for multiple tools and steps. It has gained popularity among home chefs looking for a foolproof way to create potent and flavorful infused ingredients through decarboxylation and extraction.


In addition to the “Easy Bake Ardent,” cannabutter makers, extractors, and infusers have also become a staple in the home weed kitchen. These appliances simplify the process of infusing butter with cannabis oil, ensuring accurate dosing and consistent potency.

With features like temperature control and automated stirring, cannabutter makers streamline the process and reduce the risk of burning or overheating the ingredients.

Challenges Shaping Future Cannabis Cooking Tools

While the evolution of cannabis kitchen appliances has been remarkable, challenges still shape the development of future tools.

Regulatory restrictions surrounding cannabis use and safety concerns related to cooking with cannabis are some of the hurdles faced by manufacturers.

Striking a balance between functionality, safety, and compliance will be crucial in creating the next generation of cannabis cooking tools.


New Pot Kitchen Appliances Someone Needs To Invent Today

In addition to the existing kitchen appliances, there are several innovative and practical tools that we would love to see on the market. These appliances would take infused cooking to a new level, offering convenience, precision, and style. Let’s explore the possibilities of these cannabis-infused cooking equipment:

Cannabis-Infused Oil Dispenser

Cannabis-Infused Oil Dispenser​ Michigan-edibles.com

This oil infuser dispenser would allow us to effortlessly and accurately measure and dispense infused oils in our recipes. With precise dosage control, we can ensure consistent potency in our dishes. This device would simplify the infusion process, making achieving the desired effects in our culinary creations easier.

Herb-Infused Slow Cooker

Herb-Infused Slow Cooker​ Michigan-edibles.com

Imagine a slow cooker designed to infuse herbs, including cannabis, into our dishes. This device would provide a controlled and slow cooking process, allowing the flavors and cannabinoids to develop fully over time. We can tailor the process according to our desired results with customizable temperature settings, perfect to decarb flowers or extracting CBD.


Weed Leaf Waffle Maker

Cannabis Leaf Waffle Maker​ Michigan-edibles.com

Bring a touch of cannabis culture to your breakfast with this weed-leaf waffle maker. This device would create waffles in the shape of cannabis leaves, adding a fun and whimsical element to your morning routine. Not only would it make delicious waffles, but it would also elevate your breakfast experience with a playful nod to cannabis.

THC Temperature-Controlled Kettle

THC Temperature-Controlled Kettle​ Michigan-Edibles.com

A THC temperature-controlled kettle infuser would be a game-changer for weed beverages. This device would allow us to heat water to specific temperatures, ensuring optimal extraction of cannabinoids and flavors. From brewing infused teas to making cannabinoid-rich hot chocolate, this kettle would be an essential tool for any home cannabis enthusiast’s kitchen.

Marijuana Motif Utensil Set

Marijuana Motif Utensil Set​ Michigan-edibles.com

Add a touch of style and personality to your cooking with a marijuana motif utensil set. This set would include kitchen utensils, such as spatulas, spoons, and whisks, featuring pot-inspired designs. Not only would these utensils be functional, but they would also be a great conversation starter and a way to express our love for cannabis in the kitchen.


Precision Edible Mixer

Precision Edible Mixer​ Michigan-edibles.com
For those who love experimenting with cannabis edibles, a precision edible mixer would be a dream come true. This device would mix infused ingredients with precision, ensuring even distribution throughout the mixture, ideal for both flower and concentrate infusions. From brownie batter to cake mix, this mixer would help us achieve consistent potency and flavor in our homemade edibles.

Weed-Infused Chocolate Fountain

Weed-Infused Chocolate Fountain​ Michigan-Edibles.com

Indulge your sweet tooth and elevate your dessert game with a weed-infused chocolate fountain. This device would melt infused chocolate and create a cascading flow, perfect for dipping fruits, marshmallows, and other treats. Not only would it create a visually stunning centerpiece for any occasion, but it would also add a delightful twist to your dessert offerings.

cannabis kitchen appliances Michigan-edibles.com

While these kitchen appliances may not exist yet, their possibilities are tantalizing. As the popularity of home weed cooking grows and the pot cooking industry continues to grow and evolve, we hope to see more innovative and practical tools that enhance our culinary experiences with cannabis. Until then, we can still enjoy the existing kitchen gadgets and watch for future developments in this exciting field.


What is a marijuana appliance you would want for making edibles? Comment Below!

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