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Greenways Provisioning Center Gladwin Dispensary

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Greenways Provisioning Center is a Dispensary in Gladwin Michigan

Welcome to the Green Ways Provisioning Center! 🎉

Green Ways is a locally owned and operated family business that has been humbly serving Gladwin County since 2011. They are excited to be the first adult-use dispensary in the area! Founded by the Davidson family, Green Ways Provisioning Center emerged as a medical marihuana retailer in Beaverton, MI. Thanks to local growers, we were known for supplying some of the best medical flower in the state of Michigan, competing in and winning many caregiver cups from 2012-2017.

Despite facing a natural disaster during the flood of 2020 and a declining medical marihuana industry, the Green Ways team has persevered! 😎 The location that once served as Club 30 and Slyders bar is now home to our recreational dispensary.

They're thrilled to continue serving and supporting the community with high-quality products from our family-owned business. Thank you for your support! 🙏

First-Time Customers

Hey there, first-time visit? How's 10% off your first order sound? And if you're a veteran, the discount stacks up, too! 😉


Veterans get 10% off their purchase (yep, stackable!).

Seniors (60 yrs old +) also get 10% off their purchase (and yep, stackable!).

And for all our early birds, Wake and Bake between 9-10 am and get a cool 10% off!


1221 Michigan 30, Gladwin, MI, USA
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Greenways Provisioning Center Gladwin Dispensary 0 reviews

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