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How to Legally Sell Edibles in Michigan

How to Legally Sell Edibles in Michigan

Cannabis edibles are LEGAL IN MICHIGAN! Once completely illegal and only since 2018, it is now possible to sell cannabis edibles in Michigan lawfully. But, to get into the marijuana business in Michigan you will have to do the work to get into the Michigan METRC system.

The edible cannabis business is a booming industry. So, it is no surprise that many people want to jump on the edible train and sell their products in the state of Michigan. If that’s you, read further to learn How to Sell Edibles in Michigan legally.


Michigan Marijuana Laws & Processing Licenses

Step 1 Michigan Cannabis Lawyer

Michigan Marijuana laws are extensive and change constantly. If you want to sell edibles in Michigan get a Michigan cannabis lawyer as soon as possible. A marijuana lawyer will help you navigate these ever-changing laws and regulations. Following every Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) change takes a lot of work and you have an edible empire to run. Also, they should be able to tell you whether this information is up to date or not! The industry changes daily and trying to keep up with it is definitely a full-time job.

Just make sure to find a lawyer that knows marijuana business licenses, marijuana licensing requirements, and that they believe in your vision!

To make legal Michigan marijuana edibles your brand will have to operate out of a processing center or microbusiness. You can either get your own license or lease your brand to the processing center. These licensed processing centers and microbusinesses are the only places where infused products are legally created. To sell edible food in Michigan, your products must be made and sold out of these types of licensed facilities.

See below: Licensing Edible Brand Leasing Agreement

Check out the Marijuana Processor Application Instructions or the Marijuana Microbusiness Application Instructions for more information.

Step 2 Branding and Marketing

It really should start with this – a vision and a goal to bring something to market for your target audience.

Step 4: Municipality Approval

The next step is to get your municipality to write an ordinance. This ordinance is written by the city council of the city in which you will operate your business.  This ordinance must specifically allow processing licenses or micro-businesses in the area. If your municipality is accepting applications already you can skip this step. Watch out as many towns are putting a “cap” on how many of these licenses they will be giving out. 


Check this map to see who has and has not opted into marijuana in your community: Michigan Marijuana Opt-in and Opt-Out List

Step 5: Qualification

If the city council has an ordinance and processing licenses available, then you can go for your Michigan marijuana license state qualification. You will have to go through a background check to get approved for your processing license.

Step 6: Real Estate

While this is all going on you need to start looking for real estate that is zoned properly and can accommodate your operation. This is a tricky step to balance because even if you get the O.K. from your municipality the state can still deny your application.

Check this map to see who has and has not opted into marijuana in your community: Michigan Marijuana Opt-in and Opt-Out List

Step 7: Creating Product

If you are qualified from the municipality, the state, and you have a building you are ready to make edibles.

Step 8: Selling and Shipping

After you create your products you will call up a secure transporter and they will transport your edibles to the provisioning center that bought your product.

Congratulations, you have now sold edibles in Michigan.


Please keep referring to Step 1 of this process. Sometimes you can do some of these steps in a different order or maybe you can even skip them. Your lawyer will know how to do it the right way for you. Contact a Michigan cannabis lawyer today.

Edible Brand Leasing Agreement

If getting a processing license is out of your reach, then leasing your brand might be a better option. Leasing your brand involves 1 step, getting a Michigan cannabis lawyer. They will help you with all the legalities of getting your brand into a processing center. 

Don’t forget to read up on the Lara Bulletin on Intellectual Property & Recipes.

Then you can find already licensed processing facilities near you on this map: Check the Michigan Marijuana Facilities Map.

Michigan Marijuana Microbusiness

A Michigan marijuana micro license is a totally enclosed system that goes from growing to customer. These types of licenses are self-sustaining and cannot participate in the recreational and medical markets. This means they must grow, process, and sell all out of the same facility. That means you will have to grow the marijuana, process it into oil and edibles then sell it all with just your materials. Just be warned, as of June 2021, there hasn’t been a successful micro business in Michigan that sells edibles yet.


Edible Processing License Extra’s

If you are going to create an edible cannabis business you should know these additional concepts.

Medical and Recreational Processing License

There are two different categories of licenses, medical and recreational. Processing centers must hold one or both of these licenses to sell edibles in Michigan legally. If you have a medical marijuana license, you can sell only medical products to medical marijuana businesses. Likewise, a recreational license can only sell to recreational marijuana businesses.

Michigan Medical & Recreational Marijuana THC Limits

Both licenses have different THC limits per package. These limits are enforced by testing every almost every edible batch made. MMFLA administrative rule 62 states that processing products cannot exceed maximum THC levels. Make sure your edibles are tuned into these numbers based on the license where you make edibles.

Medical and Recreational Adult-Use Marijuana-Infused Products Maximum THC Levels Michigan Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Maximum THC Levels Adult-Use Marijuana-Infused Products Maximum THC Levels Michigan Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Maximum THC Levels Michigan Adult-Use Marijuana-Infused Products Maximum THC Levels Michigan

*Check the MRA for updates as this information might change*

Selling Edibles legally in Michigan

Yes, it is legal to sell edibles in Michigan but you must follow the steps above in order to distribute your products. If you would like more information make sure to check out the links below. Good luck on your edible journey!

Extra resources: Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Edible Links

Want to check out the numbers? Check out the MRA statistics

Rule 33. Requirements and restrictions on marijuana-infused products; edible marijuana products.

Michigan Marijuana Facilities Map

Lara Bulletin on Intellectual Property & Recipes

Michigan Marijuana Opt-in and Opt-Out Map

Marijuana Processor Application Instructions

Marijuana Microbusiness Application Instructions

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