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1 review
  • Kc mako

    Great but we can’t seem to find them in our area. Mt.Pleasant or Big Rapids.

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Midnight Roots Bars

Midnight Roots Bars is an innovative cannabis company based in Jackson, Michigan. Founded by Jake Greba in 2014, the company specializes in premium Cannabis Chocolate Bars made with top-quality ingredients sourced from local Michigan growers. Their products are designed to provide consumers with an enjoyable and indulgent cannabis experience that is both convenient and discreet.

The Midnight Roots Bars team prides itself on its commitment to producing superior quality chocolates. In developing their products, they strive to create a wide variety of flavors that will appeal to a diverse range of users. All of their bars are meticulously crafted with care, ensuring that each bar is consistent in flavor and potency for a reliable cannabis experience every time.

In addition to creating delicious treats, Midnight Roots Bars also put great emphasis on providing education about the benefits of using cannabis responsibly. Through their website and social media channels, they provide customers with helpful information about responsible use.

Leading the charge for a new era of cannabis culture in Michigan, Midnight Roots Bars has become one of the most trusted Michigan edible brands for quality cannabis chocolates. With their unique focus on product excellence and customer education, they’re sure to remain a leader in the space for years to come.


Midnight Roots CBD

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