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Michigan Investments 10, Inc. is a medical and recreational cannabis processor in Pinconning, Michigan.

Michigan Investments 10, Inc. is a cannabis processor specializing in both medical and recreational products, based in Pinconning, Michigan. They produce Muha Meds at this facility. Recently, they received a formal complaint related to METRC in October 2023. You can access the details of the complaint through this link: Michigan Investments 10 Inc METRC complaint.

Here is a summary of the complaints filed to the CRA:

Key Takeaways of Michigan Investments 10's Formal Complaint

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) has filed a formal complaint against Michigan Investments 10, Inc., alleging various violations related to surveillance/security, waste management, Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance), and discrepancies in inventory tracking.


Factual Allegations

  •  The CRA, authorized under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA), has filed a complaint against Michigan Investments 10, Inc. for alleged violations.

Surveillance/Security (Counts 1-11)

  •  Respondent's video surveillance system was found to have multiple issues, including non-functioning cameras, lack of video retention, and failure to meet security standards.
  • Specific counts include violations related to the security of the premises, camera placement, recording, and maintenance of surveillance recordings.

Waste Product (Counts 12-17)

  • Untagged marijuana products and failures in waste management procedures were observed.
  • Respondent lacked a waste standard operating procedure, and there were discrepancies in waste recording and disposal.

Metrc (Counts 18-46)

  • Numerous issues with Metrc compliance were identified, including backdating entries, inaccurate package adjustments, and discrepancies between Metrc data and surveillance video.
  • Unattended sampling events, untagged products, and inaccuracies in Metrc data contributed to the violations.

Overall Implications

  • The investigation revealed a range of serious compliance issues, from surveillance system malfunctions to significant problems in waste management and Metrc reporting.
  •  The detailed counts specify the legal violations and provide a comprehensive overview of the alleged regulatory breaches.

This summary report highlights the key aspects of the formal complaint, covering violations related to surveillance, waste management, and Metrc compliance. The counts provide a detailed breakdown of the alleged infringements, offering a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory concerns raised by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency.


772 E Pinconning Rd, Pinconning, MI 48650, USA
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Disclaimer: Cannabis Edible Processing Centers DO NOT sell any product to the public. They must sell to a dispensary for the public to buy their goods. Do not go to their establishment looking for cannabis products. You must be a licensed dispensary to buy products from a cannabis processing facility. 

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    I actually confused I got a Muha meds from 772 E Pinconning Rd, Pinconning, MI 48650 online but when searched it shows cheese house not a dispensary?!? if any one could help me figure this out and how I ordered a medical weed pen from “cheese house”?

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      Michigan Edibles

      This is a online directory listing for the Cannabis Processing Center at 772 E Pinconning Rd, Pinconning, MI 48650, USA, who produces Muha Meds. You have to have a processing license and produce in your own facility before you send to a licensed dispensary in the state. You cannot buy any product at these facilities you must find their products at a licensed dispensary throughout Michigan.

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