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Level Up Holdings IV, LLC is a medical and recreational cannabis processor in Battle Creek Michigan.



24 Leonard Wood Dr, Battle Creek, MI 49037, USA
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Disclaimer: Cannabis Edible Processing Centers DO NOT sell any product to the public. They must sell to a dispensary for the public to buy their goods. Do not go to their establishment looking for cannabis products. You must be a licensed dispensary to buy products from a cannabis processing facility. 

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Level Up Holdings IV, LLC 5 reviews

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5 reviews
  • Mark A Anderson

    I have bought 2 bags of Ready Rolled Apples and Bananas 28 one gram pre roll and they sucked they wouldn’t burn even so broke one down and its nothing but dust if this how they want to run business they can keep it. I wouldn’t recommend this at all

  • ian mcnally

    Pre packaged pre rolls were made with shake and taste like crap.

  • Rachel Flewelling

    Bought Hard Hitter oz from Levels and absolutely love it. I don’t buy any other flower.

  • Joe

    Got an 8th of their mellows flower. A little dry but no major complaints

  • Russell VanValkenburg

    Purchased product from High Profile and they were very low quality pre rolls, made with shake. Would not purchase again.

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The image features a graphic of a plate with cannabis leaves and cutlery, suggesting a concept related to the consumption of cannabis-infused cuisine.

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