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Banned Edible Co is a Michigan cannabis edibles brand.

Banned Edible Co., located in Michigan, is known for its high-potency cannabis products, such as 200mg Cherry Gummies. Recently, it faced scrutiny from the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy for selling edibles exceeding legal THC limits. Despite a volatile market presence, with rankings fluctuating in Michigan's competitive edible cannabis sector, they remain noteworthy for products like Berry Melon Cluster Gummies and Blueberry Gummy.​

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Banned Edible Co 1 review

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1 review
  • Louie

    I live in Ohio and a buddy of mine works on the pipeline in Michigan. He brought me this THC infused oatmeal cream pie. Loved the buzz and it calmed me down and I could still do things through our the day. I only took a quarter of a piece at a time, that’s all I needed. Does this company have a web site to show what products you have. And I need to know if u send stuff through the mail. I want 4 or 6 of those THC oatmeal cream pies

    • Michigan Edibles

      Unfortually they don’t have a website and its also federally illegal to move cannabis across state lines as of right now.

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