Attention: Legal Cannabis Producers in Michigan

Michigan THC symbol cannabis edible molds are here!

What would it feel like to pay only $10.95 FOR 2 edible molds instead of $150 PER MOLD?

Michigan THC symbol molds are not easy to come by but we have the solution. While our competitors are charging around $150 per mold, we are only charging $10.95 FOR TWO!!!

take Michigan Cannabis edible compliance even further.

Get edible molds with the Michigan THC symbol right on the edible. Other legal cannabis states have already made laws around having their THC symbol directly ON the edible. Make sure you are ahead of the game!


Our Michigan THC cannabis edible molds were created to help you save sanity when LARA decides this will be their subsequent new edible law. You won't have to scramble to find the Michigan THC symbol on silicone molds elsewhere. You can buy these now and have them within weeks!


You can have a piece of mind knowing that your end-user will also know that your products have cannabis in them for sure.



Look more professional

Get on top of the regulations, look more professional, and care for your customers a little bit more then your competitors.

Michigan THC symbol mold features

  • The perfect bite size
  • Easiest edibles to sell in packs of 10!
  • Has the exclusive to Michigan THC symbol embedded on the mold
  • Ready to regulations that will definitely happen!
  • Best Selling Mold Shape
  • Don't have to buy different molds to figure out what size and shape works
  • Your purchase will support a Michigan Cannabis Community Member

You may wonder who I am and why I've created these silicone molds. Let me introduce myself to you.

Hi, I'm Randi and I've been studying cannabis edibles in Michigan since 2010. And in 2016 I dedicated my entire working life to the Michigan Cannabis edible scene! I learn as much as I can about the cannabis industry and I saw that there aren't many Michigan THC molds on the market. 


When I started I wanted to help the Michigan cannabis community with edible education. I also have studied a LOT of products and know exactly what the end user is looking for. These molds are going to help you sell your cannabis edible products!


I know that my Michigan THC silicone molds will help your edible business. And by supporting me you will be supporting another Michigan cannabis community member.

Get ahead of the regulations

Attention: Legal Cannabis Producers in Michigan

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Have the Michigan State Regulated Marijuana symbol right on your edibles