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Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021

Who is the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan of 2021?

Michigan is experiencing a rush of chefs who specialize in infusing our beloved plant into the delicious foods we eat! So many cannaisseurs love food just as much as cannabis. Combining the two is a great duo! Let’s take a poll to see who is the best cannabis chef in Michigan in 2021. As the month of July is #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth wanted to celebrate by recognizing the Best Cannabis Chefs in Michigan.

Who are your favorite marijuana chefs? These are the winners of our 2021 poll:

Enid Parham Best Michigan Cannabis Chef 2021
Congratulations Enid you are Michigan's favorite cannabis chef of 2021!
Gigi Diaz High Times Top Cannabis Chef runner up Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021
Congrats to Gigi Diaz High Times Top Cannabis Chef for her runner-up place in the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021 poll.
Marjorie Harvey Divine Epicurean Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021 3rd place
Congratulations to Marjorie Harvey for her 3rd place on the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021 poll!
best cannabis chef in MIchigan 2021 contestant

Thank you to all the contestants of our poll:

ENID Parham | @luckypistil

Gigi Diaz | @hightimes_topcannabischef_gigi

Marjorie Harvey | @divine_epicurean

Trey Strongz | @treystrongz420

Paul Roy Cuisine | @paulroycuisine

Missy | @MisaBear420

Nate | @thirdeyemuseedibles

Jessica Rosales | @mamadanks420

Mick Rose | @mick.rose

Rebecca Geller | @stonedcoldbakery

Mike |  @BakedAngryBaker

Karla | @krispytreatskitchen

Jenn Lynn | @halfwayhappyandtwisted

Andrew Newton | @herbandlegend

What the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan Rules were:

Nominations were from July 12th, 9:00 AM to July 19th, 12:00 AM. Voting (and late nominations) began on July 19th at 12:01 AM and end on July 31st at 12:00 AM. Everyone voted for their favorite chef on this page starting July 19th. When the voting started everyone voted with their email account and phone number. This counted as one vote.

Chefs were nominated if they have made edibles in Michigan and don’t mind being named a public cannabis chef. If they are a cannabis chef but don’t do anything in Michigan they were not on this list.

We would just like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Best Cannabis Chef in Michigan 2021 poll. This was the first year for the cannabis chef vote and we are pretty happy with how this one turned out. Any sort of cheating was easily handled and the vote was legit. Thank you for your votes and don’t forget to like and follow to get more Michigan cannabis content like this! We are looking to keep doing this every year in July!

Comment below your favorite Michigan Cannabis Chef!

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