Michigan Edibles

Dream Edibles

Dream Edibles is a cannabis edible brand in Michigan Dream Edibles is a Michigan-based brand dedicated to crafting the highest quality cul

Redbud Roots Cannabis Brand

Redbud Roots is a Cannabis Brand in Michigan Redbud Roots is dedicated to providing a diverse range of options for the ultimate cannabis e

Mary Jones Soda

Mary Jones Soda / Jones Soda is an infused beverage company coming to Michigan Soon!

Highly Casual

Highly Casual is a Michigan cannabis seltzer brand      


Cannatropics is a Michigan edible cannabis brand. Owned by Guilty Pleasures by Millie.


Ubaked is a Michigan cannabis edible brand. They also make concentrate and cultivate cannabis in Michigan.

Magic Edibles

Magic Edibles is a cannabis brand in Michigan. They are produced by Exclusive.


Sweetspot is a cannabis edible brand in Michigan.


 Smokiez is a cannabis edible brand in Michigan They are in multiple other states as well. They are manufactured by: How Smooth It Is.

Tommy Chong Edibles

Tommy Chong brand edibles are sold in Michigan. Tommy Chong branded edibles are sold in other states as well.

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