Michigan Edibles


Lume CBD

Lume CBD is a Michigan brand Lume CBD is a top-tier brand in the Michigan Edible Directory, renowned for its comprehensive range of premiu

Lakeland Hemp CBD Michigan

Lakeland Hemp

Lakeland Hemp is a hemp farm and CBD Company in Michigan Lakeland Hemp is a distinguished Michigan-based hemp farm and CBD company, with a

above the roots cbd in Michigan

Above the Roots

Above the Roots is a CBD company in Michigan Above the Roots is a premier provider of family-friendly CBD products based in Michigan. With

Rockford Hemp Co

Rockford Hemp Company: Michigan’s Home for Diverse and Quality CBD Products Introducing Rockford Hemp Company, Downtown RockfordR

Blue Lake CBD Wholesaler Michigan

Blue Lake CBD

Blue Lake CBD: Quality Michigan CBD Products Meet Blue Lake CBD, a beacon of quality and trust in the bustling CBD industry. Based in the

The image displays the logo of 'alpharoot,' featuring a stylized letter 'A' in blue with the brand name in lowercase letters.


AlphaRoot Cannabis Insurance Brokerage AlphaRoot is a full-service insurance brokerage that partners with companies throughout the entire

R&H Investment Holdings LLC

R&H Investment Holdings LLC is a medical and recreational cannabis processor in Michigan  

banned edible co michigan

Banned Edible Co

Banned Edible Co is a Michigan cannabis edibles brand. Banned Edible Co., located in Michigan, is known for its high-potency cannabis prod

Elevated Social

Elevated Social is a cannabis chef group in Michigan creating infused dining experiences Their chefs include Trey Strongz, Cole Schafer, a

Michigan Cannabis Chefs

Michigan Cannabis Chefs is a food company that specializes in artisan cannabis-infused dishes. They have multiple chefs in their organizat

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